Zodiac Compatibility


Star Sign Compatibility

Are you wondering why you get along well with few people and not with the others? It might be because of star sign compatibility. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and its study will decide relationship with others.
All the star signs are compatible with each other in some or the other way. The study of zodiac compatibility will only help us in determining which of the signs can get along better with each other.

What is My Zodiac Sign?

When you are trying to understand zodiac compatibility, the first question that comes to your mind is 'what is my zodiac sign?' Your zodiac sign is determined based on your birth date. Also based on your birthdate, your sign can belong to one of the Fire Signs, Water Signs, Air Signs or Earth Signs. As every zodiac sign has typical characteristics, knowing them will help you better understand others as well as yourself. Understanding these signs will also help you in improving your relationship because then you will have a better sense of what to expect from your partner.

Zodiac Sign Dates

There are 12 zodiac signs and each sign belongs to a specific range of dates. Your Sun sign will be dependent on where the position of Sun is at the time of your birth. Given below is a list of all Zodiac Sign dates-

Aries – 21st Mar to 19th Apr
Taurus – 20th Apr to 20th May
Gemini – 21st May to 20th Jun
Cancer – 21st Jun to 22nd Jul

Sagittarius – 22nd Nov to 21st Dec
Capricorn – 22nd Dec to 19th Jan
Aquarius – 20th Jan to 18th Feb
Pisces – 19th Feb to 20th Mar

Leo – 23rd Jul to 22nd Aug
Virgo – 23rd Aug to 22nd Sep
Libra – 23rd Sep to 22nd Oct
Scorpio – 23rd Oct to 21st Nov

What is a Zodiac Cusp?

Do you know what is a zodiac cusp? In astrology, a zodiac cusp is a boundary which separates a pair of succeeding signs in the zodiac. If you are born on a cusp, you’ll tend to have traits of both the signs. For example you are a Libra Scorpio cusp if you are born between 19th Oct and 25th Oct and then your personality will be a combination of drama and criticism. While knowing about zodiac compatibility, this aspect of zodiac cusp should also be taken into consideration.